Monthly Archives: August 2003

Custom Coaches develop ‘City Mover’ concept

The Australian bus industry is looking for improved productivity with wheelchair accessible buses. DDA buses today provide two wheelchair positions, but less seating than previously available.

Custom Coaches’ aim is to provide a DDA compliant bus, but with more seating for passengers. ‘There are several ways to achieve our goal’, said John Boon, Custom Coaches Chief Engineer. ‘We need to provide operators with more seats, but at a lower cost, that is, a bus with a lower cost per passenger’.

The new ‘City Mover’ concept, based on a rigid bus, could achieve in excess of 30% improved passenger seating and maintain two wheelchair positions. ‘The bus industry in Australia can really benefit from these productivity improvements, especially if we can reduce the cost per passenger’, said Mr Boon, ‘the future is exciting’.

Later this year, Custom Coaches will be the first bus body builder to produce a DDA compliant and high capacity articulated bus for Transport SA. In conjunction with Scania, Custom Coaches will provide a 15% increase in seating capacity compared to standard DDA compliant buse.

These are real productivity improvements for the industry.