BRT Mass Transit Solutions

Custom supports the innovative approach taken by the SHOROC coalition of councils and the NSW Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian, in the research, and promotion of alternate transport solutions for Sydney.

The NSW Government is undertaking a feasibility study into Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) for the Northern Beaches. The feasibility study will assess the performance of existing bus corridors, analyse corridor constraints, and identify opportunities to improve travel speed and reliability, including infrastructure options. The findings of the investigation are expected to be presented later in 2011.

BRT is a high capacity, lower cost public transit solution that can significantly improve urban movement.  This permanent, integrated system uses buses or specialised vehicles on roadways or dedicated lanes to quickly and efficiently transport passengers. Types of BRT systems already exist in Australia in Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane providing fast and efficient options.

BRT systems are in place around the world, displaying how buses provide a viable option to mass transit solutions, by providing:

  1. Cheaper alternate transport solutions through reducing major infrastructure changes such as additional roads, tunnels, parking and freeways to accommodate more private vehicles.
  2. Reducing carbon emissions and environmental damage through encouraging public transport usage, by creating a faster alternative to private vehicles.

The most exciting and well known BRT, is the system in Bogota Colombia which has an advanced public transport system, superior to many more developed countries.


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