Driver’s Area

Front End Protection & Driver Visibility

A driver’s environment can contribute to fatigue, poor visibility, blind spots,
poor ergonomics & poor driver’s protection. Operators & drivers benefit
from a well designed, safe & ergonomic drivers area. Which results in less
accidents, less fatigue, less drivers complaints and improved safety for

The Custom CB80 has been designed with the safest driver working environment in the
world. The Custom engineers, using 3D technology, have designed & built a
drivers environment, that is the envy of other manufacturers.

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Bus Driver Security

Drivers Safety Screen

A recent spate of shocking attacks on bus drivers in Sydney including an assault with a machete has prompted demands for increased protection for drivers.

In March this year, there were five assaults, including a machete attack on bus drivers, with another attack as recently as 17th July, resulting in the driver being badly injured.

In response to these attacks Custom Care has been installing metal full-length security screens which enclose the driver for bus operators. The grills have been designed in discussions with drivers and the transport union to provide a safer working environment.

Drivers Visibility = Safety

Overhead view of CB80 drivers visibility

The Custom CB80  design provides the best driver visibility of any city bus available on the Australian market, providing an increased visibility of 40% over its closest rival.




CB80 image displaying the very wide line of sight available to the driver

Display of drivers enhanced visibilty looking forward