CB80 city bus

Years in the making, the new generation CB80 is forged from Custom’s 55 years of bus building experience combined with active input from today’s bus operators. The result is a new standard in operational efficiency, engineered through cutting edge design technology and the very latest automotive materials.

Custom has invested heavily to create the highest quality of buses for sale, for local and international transport companies.

Custom’s new flagship city bus is a lighter, stronger, safer, better quality and better value vehicle designed for local conditions. A world class product built by a world class manufacturer, right here in Australia.

Reduced Tare Weight

Through a process of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) the team at Custom deliver an optimum balance between low tare weight and a 25 year design life.

External panels utilise the latest ‘pultruded’ fibreglass technology, providing extreme impact resistance with weight saving properties.

Internal panelling has been developed using 3D modelling, providing strength in design using less materials.

The new CB80  city bus frame has undergone extreme Finite Element Analysis to achieve maximum strength with less material. Smarter use of stainless steel or galvanised steel frames, reduce weight while enhancing product life.

Modesties are now lighter and safer, floor hatches now use composite material, making them lighter and stronger with increased acoustic qualities.

The inclusion of new door systems with composite materials saves 30% of the door weight.

The result is a vehicle with unparalleled balance between high capacity and passenger comfort. Standard one door design features 53 seated passengers with extra leg room, in excess of legal openings. Standard two door design features an impressive 49 seated passengers with extra leg room.

The new generation CB80 city bus features a lighter frame design with lighter floors, lighter doors and lightweight panelling – maximising overall capacity without compromising on the strength or life of the vehicle.

Innovative Features

The new generation CB80 city bus has been designed for all modern chassis available throughout the world. No matter what your chassis choice the CB80 city bus drivers’ area will be consistent. This provides the operator with greater flexibility, improved driver training and a safer environment for the driver.

The dash is lower with improved visibility for the driver and joins in the dash have been eliminated, providing no sharp edges.

The ‘wrap around ‘capsule for the driver provides safety and security. The new lightweight (non rattle) protection pad provides a standard coat hook and unique driver’s broom – designed specifically for the CB80 city bus. The drivers’ door provides space for A4 documents, drinks and ticket machine paper rolls.

A fully programmable switch bank is provided to better utilise space.

As a result of bus operator and  company feedback, the CB80 city bus electrical centre can be located in two places; positioned in the header above the drivers’ compartment and over the off side wheel arch under the luggage rack. Both positions are removed from the passenger environment, providing maximum space for seating.

New engine venting, positioned in the rear corners, allows maximum advertising space on the rear of the bus.

Floor traps have a new safety feature, with “High Vis” yellow safety edging appearing when a floor hatch is removed, ensuring the open hatch is visible, reducing the risk of a fall.

New lightweight, non rattle air conditioning return air grill provides a modern and easily serviceable solution.

Optional ‘air conditioning door head air curtain’ is available for operators in hot environments. High stop/start operations lose cool air quality when the doors are repeatedly opened and closed. The ‘air curtain’ reduces the air-conditioned air from leaving the bus when the doors open, saving energy and money for the operator and bus company.

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