Custom Coaches introduces the SB400

Our newest model, the SB400, is the prestige version of the popular SB40 school bus. The SB400 has an eye catching coach style exterior and quality features. The front of the SB400 has a classic smooth, laid back curved look, with modern headlight cluster and a two-piece curved windscreen.

Inside, the driver will feel at home with a wrap around automotive soft touch dash with wood grain finish. Overhead locker, air conditioning vents, fresh air vents and excellent visibility provide the driver with an ergonomic and safe driving environment. ‘All instruments are within easy reach, the windscreen is large, and the driver has all the features that maximise comfort and minimize fatigue’, said Mark Burgess, CEO of Custom Coaches.

The SB400 utilises special, high quality UV-resistant plastics in windows and service areas to retain their stylish look for years to come. Bonded tinted windows provide excellent vision, and each passenger will have an individual air-conditioning vent. All SB400s can be built with or without seat belts to cater for the current and future school bus market.

Storage areas can be built with through bins or side bins. The first SB400 has been built with a space frame and through bins on one of the first Mercedes-Benz Euro 3 OH 1725L chassis.

The near side and off side access hatches are designed to be as large as possible, so that service technicians can easily access chassis components, make fast repairs and reduce downtime. The rear engine bay door is built to maximum height and width to enable full access to the engine. Water/oil levels and drive belts can be easily inspected.

The SB400 frame has been cleverly designed to increase the passenger capacity. Changes to the frame have provided an additional 3 seats.

‘Passengers and operators alike will love the new SB400 with its careful attention to detail and modern coach like styling. The SB400 is designed to be built on all chassis and can be manufactured at our Adelaide, Sydney or Queensland plants’, commented Mark Burgess.

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