Custom Coaches participating in environmental first

In conjunction with MAN and Scania, Custom Coaches has embarked on building 100 buses for ACTION. Chief Minister and Minister for Transport, Jon Stanhope unveiled the first bus 15th September2009, with Custom Coaches, CEO Mark Burgess and Contract Manager Phil Gilham in attendance.

In an environmental first, each bus will be a low-emission bus switching to clean diesel technology over natural gas. Producing fewer emissions than the previous natural gas-powered buses and cheaper to run.

The new buses will include 74 MAN Euro 5 models, this bus is the latest available from manufacturer MAN Europe and is fully accessible and climate controlled. The new bus also exceeds the current Australian emissions standards. Mr Stanthorpe announced at the launch ìThe Euro 5 beats sustainability and emissions targets that puts the ACT two years ahead of the game nationally, and on par with the best practice on Europeî

The Scania buses are ‘steer-tag’ buses that will be able to hold 20 more passengers than regular buses and are steered from the front and rear wheels. They will replace the current articulated buses.

Ian Buttar & Mark Burgess

The MAN buses will hold 67 passengers and will progressively be delivered with all buses in service by the end of June 2011. With the large capacity buses from Scania delivered from December 2009 to the end of June 2012. The new buses will be on high volume, high frequency routes across the ACTION network.

ACTION have been operating the Custom Coaches CB60 since 2003 with previous contracts with Scania CNG buses, Iveco diesel buses and MAN CNG buses.

Custom Coaches is proud to be a part of this exciting innovative environmental endeavour.

Jon Stanhope & Mark Burgess

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