Custom deliver the latest CB80 to Forest Coach Lines

Forest Coach Lines took delivery of their latest Custom bus, which is their first CB80. This CB80 is the first of two CB80s due for delivery, the first is built on a Volvo B7RLE and the second is built on a Mercedes 0500LE.

Forest Coach Lines has a large fleet of Custom bodied buses, a relationship that extends over 50 years between the two companies. “The long term relationship is a great feature of the Australian bus industry and the Forest relationship is one we are very proud of”, according to Norm Stott, Custom’s long serving Sales Manager. The new CB80 has a spectacular paint layout utilizing the famous Forest colours with the new NSW livery.

Forest bus leaving Custom NSW

The new CB80 delivered to Forest has all of the original benefits of the CB80, 25 year design life, stainless steel frame, 15 year corrosion warranty, 50 seated passengers (with two doors), removable front & rear panels for fast change-over, high impact resistant “pultruded” removable fibreglass skirt panels, all designed to keep the bus on the road longer, and low whole of life costs.

The stainless frame, with fibreglass roof and headers will negate the need for costly mid life rebuilds, saving operators thousands of dollars through the life of the bus.

But the latest Forest CB80 includes some new improvements, based on feedback from NSW operators. Custom have received great feedback from NSW customers like Redbus, Port Stephens, State Transit, Blue Mountains, Busways to name a few, who already operate CB80s. The feedback then gets processed through the engineering team to make the CB80 a better product through a continuous improvement process.

The Forest CB80 reflects these improvements. The three latest features are:

Lighter frame – saving weight, saving fuel.

Simpler electrical system – saving cost, less components, separated chassis & body electrics for ease of diagnosis.

Improved material for front & rear corners & bumpers – a more impact resistant material has been introduced to further reduce down time for operators.

“The CB80 is a very good product, but is even better now”, Norm added.

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