Custom Mass Transit

Custom is a leader in mass transit solutions for over 20 years. With a strong history in high capacity vehicles and a long list of ‘World Firsts’ & ‘Australian First’, Custom leads the industry in high capacity solutions.

Custom has extensive experience building & designing articulated buses. With the new CB80 Artic having all the standard features you would expect from a new generation Custom CB80 low floor city bus.

The CB80 Artic provides state of the art technology and appearance that is lighter, stronger and safer. Also, significant cost savings in material and labor have been achieved with the CB80 design providing with a significantly better bus at a significantly better price. With a total carrying capacity of up to 130.

Custom supports the increased interest and development of Bus Rapid Transit in Australia such as the City Glider in Brisbane and the proposed study in Sydney.

Articulated buses play an important role in sustainable cities, as they are able to move more people with rapid simultaneous boarding and disembarkation through more and larger doors, larger passenger capacity, increased stability arising from a lower centre of gravity and improved accessibility for people with disabilities and elderly travellers.

Custom are currently developing the latest of the new high capacity vehicles, the CB80 Bi Artic. The latest member if the Custom family, is built in the existing CB80 rigid & CB80 articulates bus platforms. The CB80 Bi Artic is designed for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) solution and is developed for current and future plans to introduce BRT solutions in Australia.

The operational benefits if the CB80 Bi Artic includes high capacity 200 plus, multi wheelchair access, very fast with exit and low cost of operation.

Custom engineers have a long history of success with developing mass transit solutions and have supplied the Australian bus industry with many of the high capacity solutions currently available.

Custom Previous Experience

First in Australia with new products
In recent history Custom has been at the forefront of innovation and introducing new products and solutions to the Australian Bus industry.

Many of these new products are highly complex engineering solutions, like the first ever Australian manufactured Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered articulated buses for Brisbane City Council and Perth’s Public Transport Authority. The skill lies in the ability to achieve a fully Finite Element Analyses (FEA) compliant frame with high mass CNG pods on the roof without affecting; ride quality, body stiffness, body roll and the overall longevity of the bus frame and body.

First Australian Built CNG powered articulated bus
The BCC MAN CNG Powered articulated bus had a sunken gas pod to reduce the overall height of the vehicle.

This intelligent design also lowered the centre of gravity of the vehicle reducing body roll and improving the stability. The position of the CNG pod was also located over the centre axle allowing and even load over the axles and improving the passenger capacity due to ADR maximum axle loads.

First Australian Built Iveco Citelis CNG powered articulated bus for PTA Western Australia
The PTA Iveco Citelis CNG Powered articulated bus had two pods on both sides of the articulation curtain/turntable to spread the load for vehicle stability. This Iveco Citelis also had the claim to fame as the 1st Australian built chassis with a complete low floor articulated bus.

First Volvo B12BLEA articulated bus built in the World
The Volvo B12BLEA was purpose built by Volvo Sweden for the Australian market, as only Australia had the requirement for a 12 litre low floor articulated bus. The STA of New South Wales were the first in the world to receive the Australian built low floor articulated B12BLEA bus.

This bus has helped build Custom leading edge in articulated bus design.

World First Scania K290 Combo articulated bus
The PTD Scania Combo Articulated bus allowed for a high seated capacity with wheelchair accessibility. This intelligent design gives a low floor/high floor bus.

Low floor for a DDA compliance with high floor for high passenger capacity.

First Australian Built Scania K310 Euro V Combo O-Bahn ready articulated bus for PTD SA
The Scania K310 Combo Articulated bus is based on the Euro III K290 chassis with some cleverly designed differences to allow the bus to operate on the South Australian O-Bahn track.

Photography: Scott Mitchell & David Copley

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