Custom Delivery Centre

The Custom Delivery Centre is a state of the art customer information section that is part of an ever improving customer website and will be online in the first business quarter of 2011.

The purpose of this system is to provide Custom’s customers with visibility of the production status and progress against committed delivery date of each of their ordered coaches.

The system will allow Custom to upload specific delivery information for all customers, and will then securely present that information for each customer-ordered vehicle to each customer.

The objective is to allow customers to login at any time and access schedule data for each of their orders.

A customer will be able access delivery schedule information only following successful login using their email address as username and an individual password.

Information will be initially shown graphically, as to where their order is in the production process and where appropriate, show any reasons for delivery date adjustments, so that a customer is always informed about the final delivery timing.

It is intended that as the use of this facility grows the type and depth of Q&A for this system will expand eventually allowing significantly improved B2B delivery information.

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