Quality & Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI)

Custom are committed to providing operators with high level of product quality & service quality. Australian operators demand this high quality!

Materials used in all Custom products are designed for a 25 year design life which is a unique Australian requirement. The materials chosen are designed to withstand the harsh Australia UV radiation, the extreme temperature differentials, the corrosive coastal environment and the tough road conditions.

The overall product is designed using Finite Element Analysis to ensure the frame and chassis combination can withstand the hard vibrations & conditions for 25 years too. This is great insurance for any operator.

The manufacturing process of Custom involves a detailed process of checking each bus as it progresses through each production stage. Every bus has 14 stages, and every stage requires a full inspection & sign off by the Area Manager.

Finally at the end of the line, every bus has a full PDI and this is conducted by the “best of the best”. Our PDI inspectors are some of the most experienced bus builders in Australia. Many have spent years with bus operators, understanding the constant demands of keeping a bus fleet in the road.

All buses have a full Australian Design Rule inspection, door safety check, underbody check, chassis check, road test on smooth & rough roads, just to be sure.

Quality ISO 9001 Certification for ISO 9001

Quality is Custom’s key to success!

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