SB50 school bus

A truly world-class vehicle, Custom’s new SB50 school and charter bus has been designed for demanding Australian conditions, with local operators benefiting from a 25 year design life.

As part of Custom’s ‘new generation’ line-up, the SB50 school bus uses cutting edge technology and the latest automotive materials to produce a lighter, stronger, better quality, yet better value vehicle for local operators.

Over an extensive development phase, Custom engineers have focused firmly on current and future operating demands, to design a vehicle to meet the specific needs of Australian school bus operators.

The SB50  school bus has been designed with capacity, servicing, driving and passenger comfort in mind – wrapped up in a attractive package that operators would be proud to put their name on.

Features of the new SB50 school buses include:

Designed for capacity

  • 57 or 61 Custom Metro bus seats
  • 59, 60 or 61 Custom Safe bus seat belted seats
  • or with the bus seats of your choice

Designed for servicing

  • Larger rear engine door with removable rear bumper
  • Large side engine doors with high opening angles
  • Removable front bumper
  • Access hatches in front scuttle to access wipers and heater demister
  • Large access hatch for front destination sign
  • Hinged air conditioning ducting for access to air-conditioning and wiring

Designed for driving

  • Small A-pillar and door frame for maximum visibility and safety
  • Personal air conditioning boost fan for additional driver comfort
  • Two extra large driver’s lockers
  • Personal reading light as standard
  • Wraparound driver’s display provides a place for everything, and everything in its place
  • Well spaced and ergonomically positioned driver controls

Designed for passengers

  • Ultra wide entry & exit door
  • Two step entry is the widest in its class
  • Step heights are kept to an absolute minimum for improved loading and safety

The end result is the SB50 school bus, a new generation in bus design, which is safer and more economical to operate, delivering ongoing benefits to operators and bus companies.

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